The Dime Roll: Saving at the Pump, Buying a House, Salvaging Food, & More

April 4, 2014

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This week’s Dime Roll has everything from how to extend the life of your food to how to set up a fee-free financial system. Check it out.

This Week on The Dime:
Skip the Hotel: Cheaper Places to Stay on Vacation

Total Compensation: Should I Accept That Job Offer?

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: Weighing Computer Repair Costs

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in April by Paul Michael on Wisebread
If you’re planning on buying a TV or stocking up on spring clothing, now is the time. But patio furniture and mattresses? You better hold off.

 Avoid Being Cheated at the Gas Pump on DailyFinance
Are you guilty of topping off your tank after the pump has clicked off? (I admit I am.) The truth is, this could be costing you extra for no additional benefit.

How to Extend the Life of Food on Its Last Leg by Frugal Foodie on Mint
There’s nothing I hate more than throwing away rotten food that was perfectly fine a few days before. This post offers plenty of useful tips to keep that from happening.

Money Management:
Train Your Investing Brain by Dan Bortolotti on MoneySense
You might think that there are many hurdles to becoming a successful investor, but according to several studies, the biggest hurdle might be your own mind.

Don’t Be a Fool: Setup a Fee-Free Financial System by Philip Taylor on PTMoney
Stop the fee madness and check out these ways of doing everything from saving your money to budgeting your money for free.

When is the Right Time to Buy a House? by Erin El Issa on Quizzle
While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question, there are a few financial indicators that can tell you whether you’re ready to take the home-buying leap.

Food For Thought:
Is Negative Thinking Keeping You From Getting Rich? By Natasha Burton on DailyWorth
Sometimes being an active manager of your financial affairs is not just about dollars and cents – it’s about attitude.

In One Word, What’s Your Biggest Source of Work-Related Stress? By Quoctrung Bui on PlanetMoney
Many of us deal with work-related stress, but the source varies wildly depending on our job. This article gathers thought-provoking answers from a wide variety of people making for an interesting read.