The Dime Roll: Online Deals, Tax Refunds, Sleep Deprivation, & More

February 7, 2014

In this week's Dime Roll find out how you can save money while shopping online, when you'll get your tax refund, why Millennials are rocking their finances, and much more.

Money Saving Tips:
5 Ways to Score a Deal Without Leaving a Store’s Site by Charlie Cohn on ThreeThriftyGuys
There are discounts aplenty when it comes to shopping online – you just have to know where to search and be willing to look.

Unconventional Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding by Melanie on AndThenWeSaved
There are plenty of wedding posts out there touting money saving tips. But this one actually had unique ideas – ex. not referring to it as a wedding when seeking services.

5 Tactics for Getting a Better Cell Phone Deal by Trent on TheSimpleDollar
Cell phone plans can be quite the budget buster, but they don’t have to be. Check out a few workarounds that could cut your bill drastically.

Money Management:
When Will I Get My Tax Refund? by Ryan Guina on CashMoneyLife
Let’s be honest. Without the incentive of getting a refund, many of us would procrastinate on filing our taxes like nobody’s business. Find out when you can expect your return.

12 Classic Bad Money Habits – and How to Bust Them by Libby Kane on LearnVest
If you are struggling to kick those classic bad money habits that most of the population struggles with, try using some of the tips in this post. You’ll have your finances in check in no time.

Lack of Sleep Costing You a Fortune? by Suba Iyer on FiveCentNickel
Lack of sleep can affect many areas of your life, but did you ever stop to think how much it could be harming your finances? This made me think twice about trimming down my normal 8 hours.

Food For Thought:
With More Options for Marriage, Income Inequality Increases by Luke Landes on Consumerism Commentary
Apparently couples today are more closely matched when it comes to socio-economic status and education level which is greatly contributing to income inequality. This article is fascinating and definitely worth a read.

Millennials are Conservative, Cheap and Could Be the Wisest Generation by Suzanne McGee on TheGuardian
I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to point out that Millennials aren’t the lazy, entitled generation that some claim. When it comes to money management, they seem to be committed to saving and living frugally.

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