Free Colorado Apps Worth a Look

December 3, 2013

Whether you are a Colorado local or just a visitor, there are a variety of apps that you can use to get around and get moving. All of the following free apps are available on both iPhone and Android.

Denver Ticket
This app lets you purchase tickets for different events around Denver. Whether it is a baseball game, a concert or the ballet, Denver Ticket will get your tickets fast and easily. Same day ticketing available as well as last minute tickets to sold out or difficult to get into events.

Denver Visitor
This app sets you up with different activities scheduled all over the city and surrounding areas. It features a calendar of events and a highly accessible search for any day of the week in any location. If you have family in town to entertain, you are bound to find something to do to keep them busy with this app.

CDOT Mobile
One of the best apps that Colorado has to offer is the hook up to CDOT. Some think it’s easier to navigate than their website. With Colorado weather being as erratic as it is, it’s good to have CDOT close by to tell you what’s going on up the road. From traffic reports to closures, you don’t want to leave home without this app.

14ers is the perfect app for any hiker. Before heading out on a hike, check out this app to keep you informed. It features peak lists, overview map, stats, route maps and photos and more. Of course, the mountains don’t always have the best signal so you need to be aware of when and where you can make use of it.

iSnow Report
Are you a resident skier or just a visitor? It doesn’t matter because iSnow Report will help you decide where you want to take your skis.  Snow conditions and base depth, open lifts, trails and terrain are available as well as pipe and park features and hours and so much more. Don’t head up the mountain without it!