The Dime Roll: Behavioral Finance, Libraries, Cheap Gifts, & More

November 22, 2013

Are psychological biases affecting your financial decision-making? Wondering how you can save on your holiday meals this year? It’s all in this week’s Dime Roll.

Money Saving Tips:
Why Libraries Rock: Free Books, Movies, Classes, Events and Other Resources by Claire Murdough on BibleMoneyMatters
Libraries are treasure troves of amazing FREE resources. Did you know that now you can check out ebooks from your library while sitting on your couch? If you’ve written libraries off as being outdated, it’s time to do some exploring.

Saving Money on Holiday Meals by Andrea on SavingsLifestyle
If you’re stuck (and I mean that in the nicest way) with the task of cooking the entire Thanksgiving meal for your family, that can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. These tips will help you tackle it in the most cost-effective way without going overboard.

Cheap Gifts: 53 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas by David Weliver on MoneyUnder30
When you have a list of friends and family to buy gifts for, ideas can be hard to come by. Here’s 53 ideas that are easily adaptable and, better yet, won’t break the bank.

Money Management:
5 Things I Learned Doing Financial Planning by Ben Luthi on Budgets Are Sexy
I’ve always had a fascination with professions that allow you to take a look into the financial lives of a variety of different people. I would think that what you would learn about human behavior as a whole would be eye-opening – and this post proves that.

New Student Loan Rules Add Protections for Borrowers by Ann Carrns on NewYorkTimes
If you’re one of the thousands of people struggling to bounce back after defaulting on your federal student loans, help is on the way. New rules that go into effect next year will make loan rehabilitation easier and more financially manageable.

These 6 Behavioral Finance Mistakes May Be Ruining Your Finances by Miranda Marquit on FreeFromBroke
We all have biases that affect our decision-making on a regular basis. But have you ever considered how these biases affect your finances? This post offers a fascinating look at behavioral issues you may have never considered.

Food For Thought:
The Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Told Myself by Cait on BlondeonaBudget
How many times have you said that you’ll change your financial habits, eating habits, or any other not-so-positive habits “one day?” We’ve all been there. This post offers first-hand inspiration for overcoming those very real obstacles.

How to Escape the Cult of “Busy” by Janet Choi on Lifehacker
Do you find yourself repeatedly talking about how busy you are? It’s become a socially-acceptable topic of conversation, but a lot of that “busyness” is actually a choice – and a somewhat detrimental one at that.

This Week on The Dime: 
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