The Dime Roll: Car Repairs, Top Banks, Cost of Thanksgiving History, & More

November 15, 2013

What is the reasonable price range for car repairs in your area? How can you avoid clearing out your bank account during the holidays? What banks give you the biggest bang for your buck? It’s all in this week’s Dime Roll.

Money Saving Tips:
How to Know What a Car Repair Should Cost by Bob Sullivan on MSNMoney
Ever wonder what the actual going rate is for the repairs your car needs? There’s a new site out that will give you the acceptable price range for specific repairs in your area. Such a simple concept, but it’s brilliant if you ask me.

How to Not Go Broke Holiday Shopping by Mp Dunleavey on GoodHousekeeping
It’s far too easy to obliterate a budget around the holidays. But these unique tips make cutting back extremely doable.

3 Easy Projects to Get Your DIY Juices Flowing by Catherine Alford on YoungAdultMoney
Making changes to home décor can be costly – if you always pay for someone else to do it. These three projects can be accomplished by the most novice DIYer for a much larger return on the dollar.

Money Management:
Is Home Ownership Worth It? by Trent on TheSimpleDollar
Many people think of homeownership as the hands-down right choice when compared to renting. But there is far more to think about then just rent payments vs. mortgage payments. (The comments in this post bring to light the fact that this is apparently a very contentious topic.)

MONEY’S Best Banks in America 2013 by Luke Landes on Consumerism Commentary
After looking at the 40 largest retail banks, 15 online banks, and 3 credit unions, MONEY Magazine has released their list of the top banks for 2013. I can tell you that none of my banks made the list. What about you?

The High Cost of Having a Bad Credit Score by John Ulzheimer on CreditSesame
Your credit score might seem like a somewhat arbitrary number, but the cost implications that it can carry are huge. In fact, a poor credit score could mean thousands and thousands extra in interest payments – among other things – every year.

Food For Thought:
7 Ways to Spot Fake Charities After a Disaster by Sid Kirchheimer on AARP
While tragedy can bring out the best in people, there are always a select few that view it as an easy way to cash in on sympathy. Before you donate to victims of the typhoon, make sure your money is going where you want it to.

A Piece of Thanksgiving History Could Be Worth Millions by CNBC on TodayMoney
On Oct. 3, 1789, Thanksgiving became an official holiday after George Washington signed a proclamation. Now original copies of that all-important document are hitting the auction block.

This Week on The Dime: 
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