The Dime Roll: Donations, Brain Tricks, November Buys, and More

November 1, 2013

dime 6Wondering what purchases will be kind to your wallet in November? Or struggling to tackle all of those financial tasks on your to-do list? This week's Dime Roll covers it all.

Money Saving Tips:
Things That Babies Just Don’t Need by Holly Johnson on GetRichSlowly
There are a plethora of baby “must-haves” on the market, and every year we seem to add more…and more…and more. The truth is they just don’t need it all, and your wallet certainly could use the break.

How to Save Money on Food While Traveling by Claire Murdough on ReadyForZero
If you’ve ever wandered around an airport looking for something more satisfying than a $10 pre-packaged PB&J, you know what a pain eating while traveling can be. But with a little forethought – and tips from this post – you can actually eat well while away from home.

Best and Worst Buys of November 2013 by Cameron Huddleston on Kiplinger
If you’re planning on stocking up on holiday decorations or toys next month, you might want to think twice. Electronics and cookware, on the other hand, might be worth a second look.

Money Management:
5 Tips to Use When Teaching Kids About Money and Finances by Jacqueline Curtis on MoneyCrashers
Teaching kids about money might seem like a huge task, but everyday situations can provide the perfect opportunity for sharing your knowledge. This post offers great tips for handling things like allowance and toy buying.

Take a Day Off for (Often Forgotten) Financial Housekeeping by Suba Iyer on Quizzle
You know all that financial to-do list you created months ago? It’s time to actually tackle all of those tasks. This post will remind you of all the things you need to get done with some tips for making it happen. Do it – you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

4 Personal Finance Lessons We Can Learn from the Government Shutdown by Mary Hiers on Mint
Now that we’re on the other side of the government shutdown, did we learn anything? Maybe our political leaders didn’t, but we certainly can – especially when it comes to how to handle our personal finances.

Food For Thought:
5 Ways Your Brain Tricks You Into Making Horrible Investment Decisions by Rob Wile on Business Insider
If you’re looking to make a substantial amount off of your investments, there’s a good chance that your brain is getting in the way. This infographic offers a fascinating look at all the ways we sabotage our own investment gains.

10 Overlooked Places That Take Charitable Donations by Mikey Rox on Wisebread
As we move into the holiday season, it’s a great time to think about all the ways we can give – and all the places that could use a helping hand through donations.

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