DIY Halloween Makeup: Scary Looks for Less

October 24, 2013

It's officially late October, which means...Halloween is (almost) here! And as any good ghoul or goblin knows, the trickiest thing (pun intended) about this glorious holiday is deciding on the perfect costume. Halloween is, after all, all about the costume. The good news? You don't always have to buy the best to look the best. Since we're all about saving money here at The Dime, here are some of our favorite DIY makeup tips for kicking the scare factor up a notch without hurting your wallet. 

zombie bite or woundZombie Bite/Wound:

Toilet paper
Elmer's glue
Fake blood

Rather than buying a bite mark, use toilet paper and Elmer’s glue to create a flesh wound.

Step 1: Smear a thin layer of glue on your skin.

Step 2: Place a thin layer of toilet paper (Tip: Peel apart the layers of the toilet paper so they are nice and thin.)

Step 3: Let it to create zombie bite or wound

Step 4: Reapply.

Step 5: Once dry, put some foundation over the wound.

Step 6: Add fake blood as you see fit.

The cool thing about toilet paper is you can do a lot with it -- like roll up two pieces to make the bite and attach them to the face with spirit gum (pictured below).zombie makeup

Or you can add several layers of it (similar to the arm) with bunches in places.

Zombie Neck Wound: 


Step 1: Apply thin layers of latex, allowing each layer to dry (turns from milky white to clear).

Step 2: Peel from the center and allow latex to roll and pucker.

Step 3: Add makeup and blood.

Missing Skin:

Black cream eye shadow or Halloween makeup
Dark red Halloween makeup or dark red lipstick
Cotton ball
Fake blood
Glue (lash glue, spirit gum, Elmer's)

how to create missing skin
Step 1: Mix black cream and red cream to make a dirty brown-ish color.

Step 2: Paint onto finger, just past the first knuckle.

how to create missing skin 2


Step 3: Using glue, stick pieces of cotton ball to base of knuckle and nail. (Tip: Don't forget the nail - this will make it appear as if it has been ripped off.)

Step 4: Gore it up. Use the lipstick or red paint around the base of the finger to make the skin look irritated.

how to create missing skin 3


Step 5: Add fake blood wherever you see fit.


A Few Quick Prosthetic Application Tips: 

Tip: If using latex, apply liquid latex to skin AND prosthetic, and wait 20-30 seconds (or until latex begins to lose “milkiness” and becomes tacky) before applying. This helps decrease slipping (although nothing prevents it entirely).

Tip: If using spirit gum, tap it with your finger until it becomes sticky/tacky, THEN apply prosthetic.

Tip: When applying anything over the eye, first get wide medical tape (from the grocery store) and apply it over your closed eye. You can then place your “wound” on that. You then have a foundation for the prosthetic, and it decreases the risk of having latex on/around the eye.

Tip: Want broken glass in your wound? Use broken CD case pieces

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Tip: Want broken glass in your wound? Use broken CD case pieces.