Creative Halloween Costumes That Won’t Scare Your Budget

October 22, 2013

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years. Usually, I’m at home getting up every three seconds to dish out sugary treats to an army of trick-or-treaters. While I don’t partake in the costuming, I do enjoy judging the costumes of the kids that come up to the porch. Most of the time the kids are dressed in costumes purchased in a kit or bag that lack any creative thought. Or there are always the teenagers who think that by putting on cat ears or a "This is my costume" t-shirt they are somehow deserving of my delicious snack-size Snickers.

What happened to the fun of creating a costume from scratch? I can’t imagine that buying a prepackaged costume is less expensive than coming up with something entirely unique. To prove my point, here are some cheap and creative ways to dress up this Halloween.

• Lego® Block
Supplies: Cardboard box, plastic cups, paint, glue, or duct tape.
Process: Cut a head hole and two arm holes in the cardboard box. Adhere 6 plastic cups to the front of the box. Paint the entire piece one color – red, blue, white, and yellow are the typical colors.

• Raining Cats and Dogs
Supplies: Rain coat, galoshes, umbrella, and stuffed cats and dogs.
Process: Dress like you’re preparing for a downpour. Tape or lightly stitch stuffed animals to umbrella.

• Bunch of Grapes
Supplies: Purple balloons, tape, green felt, and bobby pins.
Process: Inflate balloons and adhere to clothes. Keep balloons tight together with minimal space in between. Cut felt to resemble a grape leaf and bobby pin leaf to hair.

• Pack of Jelly Beans
Supplies: Small, multi-colored balloons, clear garbage bag, tape, and a printed logo of your favorite jelly bean brand.
Process: Cut holes in garbage bag to accommodate legs. Inflate balloons and fill garbage bag with balloons. Tape the top of the bag to clothing to seal the bag and to keep it from falling down. Tape jelly bean logo to the front of the bag.

• Clark Kent (Superman)
Supplies: Khaki pants, white dress shirt, tie, Superman t-shirt, glasses.
Process: Simply get dressed (Superman t-shirt should be under the dress shirt) and tie the tie. Leave a few middle buttons of the dress shirt un-buttoned to reveal Superman shirt underneath. Toss tie over shoulder and look heroic.

• Mummy Mommy
Supplies: 1-2 rolls of toilet paper and a baby doll.
Process: Wrap entire body in toilet paper, tucking in any loose ends. Carry doll.

Identity Thief
Supplies: Name tags and a marker.
Process: Write a variety of names on numerous name tags. Stick name tags on clothes.

• Skier (the go-to costume when it inevitably snows on Halloween)
Supplies: Winter clothes, boots, goggles, and ski poles.
Process: Bundle up, carry ski poles, and be the warmest kid out trick-or-treating.

• Static Cling
Supplies: Black pants, black shirt, lots of smaller articles of clothing in a variety of colors, dryer sheets, and tape or needle and thread.
Process: Attach articles of clothing and dryer sheets at random to the black pants and black shirt.

• One-Man Band
Supplies: Any and all instruments you can find.
Process: Hold, strap, or attach as many instruments as you can to your body. Bonus points if you can find a way to actually play all the instruments while trick-or-treating.