The Dime Roll: Breaking Bad, Living the Good Life, Halloween, and More

October 4, 2013

What can Breaking Bad teach us about sound money management? How can you score low airline fares for the holidays? It’s all in this week’s Dime Roll.

Money Saving Tips:
10 Cheap DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas by Angela Colley on MoneyCrashers
Are you in need of some scream-worthy Halloween decorations? Before you head out to buy the generic and overly-priced decorations from the store, try these creative DIY ideas instead.

10 Tips to Get the Lowest Fares for Holiday Travel by Trisha Sherven on MoneyTalksNews
This is a friendly reminder that now is the time to book that all important holiday trip. And, of course, these tips will make it slightly more wallet-friendly.

Retailer’s Big Secret: Crack the Price Tag Code on RatherBeShopping
What does it mean when an item at Costco has a price tag ending in the number 7? Or if an item at Target ends in the number 4? Knowing these insider pricing tactics can help you to know when to buy and when to wait for a drop in price.

Money Management:
Couples and Money: Avoiding the Two-Income Trap by Sophia Bera on GenYPlanning
Planning for a family (and the possibility that one spouse may stay home to raise a child) is significantly easier if you have spent some time just living off of one of your incomes and using the rest for retirement, debt repayment, and savings.

Is Your Bank Stealing Your Money? by Jamie Simmerman on MoneyNing
Are you being charged for fees every month that you aren’t even aware of? If you don’t read the fine print and aren’t vigilant about checking your accounts regularly, you could be forking over unnecessary money to your bank.

7 Financial Lessons from Breaking Bad by Tim Lemke on Wisebread
Walter White obviously didn’t turn out to be the most responsible person around, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from his (disasterous) life – and money – mistakes (i.e.  good estate planning and keeping your spouse tuned in to your money matters are important).

Food For Thought:
Are English-Speakers Less Likely to Save Money? by April Dykman on GetRichSlowly
A new study suggests that those who speak languages that don’t differentiate between present and future tense are better at saving money than those who speak languages that do differentiate. What do you think?

What Does Living the Good Life Mean to You? by Beth Kobliner on Mint
We all have different priorities when it comes to how we spend our money, especially when we are working within a limited budget. Where do your priorities lie when it comes to creating “the good life” for you and your family?

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