Fiscal Cliff: The Next Chapter

October 1, 2013

Syria and other world events in the recent months have served as distractions from the on-going fiscal cliff. Congress scrambled its jets in recent days to dogfight over the skies of Washington, D.C.  and there was a lot afterburner exhaust spewing onto the media airwaves.  Members spotlighted their positions and the result is a federal government shutdown.  On the carrier’s bridge, the President staked out his territory, as well.  Yet, we continue to wallow in a struggle to balance domestic and foreign policy issues that date to the debates of the Founders.

The current skirmish is centered on the need to fund governmental operations on the one hand, and, political positions regarding “The Affordable Care Act” on the other hand.  The next wave in the on-going fiscal crisis will occur when the country reaches its debt ceiling.  “As soon as mid-October” according to Joshua Holland writing for Moyers & Company, “the debt ceiling will be reached earlier than its original December expected date.”  That’s a few days from now.  That’s tomorrow.  Can you hear me?

According to Holland,“House Majority Leader Boehner promises a “whale of a fight” over the debt limit.”  The House wants to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act – “Obamacare” – as part of a deal to raise the debt limit.  The President says that idea goes nowhere and we've seen the government begin its shut down.

The primary shutdown targets are the most visible of agencies and programs.  You will see the shutdowns in the programs that are on the public’s radar screens.  You may wish to reconsider that upcoming visit to a National Park.

Frustrated by all of the political posturing, the government shutdown, and, raising the debt ceiling?  The old saw is the reminder to be active in your own governance.  Call that Congressperson or Senator.  Give them a piece of your mind no matter which direction you lean.

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