The Dime Roll: Craft Stores, Financial Blunders, Bill Splitting, and More

September 13, 2013

When do late payments hit your credit report? How can you overcome those pesky mental roadblocks that keep you from becoming debt-free? It's all in this week's Dime Roll.

Money Saving Tips:
Save Money By Shopping at the Craft Store – Even If You’re Not a Crafter by Kelly Medeiros on Wisebread
If you’ve avoided going to craft stores because you simply aren’t the crafting type, it’s time to change your thinking. The truth is, these store have a plethora of home goods, accessories, kids items, and so much more than just crafting supplies.

Six Fall Money Savers by Marie on Prairie Eco-Thrifter
With summer on the way out and winter just around the corner, there are a few tasks you can do to prep your home and other big ticket items for the upcoming change in the weather.

Eating With Friends on a Budget: How to Politely and Fairly Split the Bill by Claire Murdough on BibleMoneyMatters
You’ve ordered a meal after careful price consideration but when the bill comes, everyone just wants to split it equally. How do you stick to your budget without making an awkward scene? This post offers some great tips.

Money Management:
How Late Can I Make a Payment Without It Showing On My Credit Report by John Ulzheimer on Mint
You’re diligent about paying your bills on time, but one month your credit card payment slips your mind until it’s 10 days overdue. Don’t fret about your credit report just yet. Here’s why.

Financially Mismatched Couples at Risk by Kimberly Blanton on SquaredAwayBlog
You’ve heard it before – finances can spell big trouble for many marriages. But new studies take this to the next level by showing that credit scores can be a big indicator of financial – and ultimately relationship -- compatibility.

10 Common Financial Blunders by Jeffrey Strain on SavingAdvice
We’ve all made financial mistakes, but becoming aware of these common blunders will help keep you on track to building your wealth and keeping it safe.

Food For Thought:
Libraries: Good for Frugality, Great for Community by Kristin Wong on GetRichSlowly
Still thinking that your local library is only good for a little book browsing every now and then? Think again. Today’s libraries offer everything from free online classes to an entire collection of movies for rent. It’s the perfect way to broaden your mind while protecting your wallet.

The Biggest Mental Roadblocks of Paying Debt (and How to Face Them) by Amanda Grossman on Lifehacker
Often times the mental act of paying off debt is more of a challenge then the physical one. If you struggle with negative thinking, feeling deprived, or with working towards an intangible goal, check out the tips in this post.

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