Money Dreams: What Do They Mean?

September 9, 2013

 When I was younger, I vividly remember (or as vividly as you can remember when you’re 5), having a dream about watching a Batman cartoon on the floor of my parent’s bedroom. Halfway through the dream, Batman reached through the screen and pulled me into the cartoon, at which point Robin asked why he would do such a thing.

At the time, I thought dreams were predictions of future events. (Thus the reason why Batman scared me from that point forward.) Now I see them as an indication of themes, thoughts, or feelings currently swirling around in my subconscious mind.

According to Bob Hoss, executive officer for the International Association of the Study of Dreams,

“Because the rational parts of your brain are off at night, dreams are speaking a very different language. It’s speaking in metaphor; it’s a language of analogy.

The more bizarre the dream, the more it really contains more of the juicy information from your daily life. Dreams borrow a bunch of images that spell something out.”

So what are your dreams spelling out?

It’s undeniable that every person relates to situations or symbols differently depending on their acquired associations -- thus dreams can carry different meanings. But there are a few themes that people believe can be picked out of the most common dreams  -- i.e. arriving somewhere sans clothing, showing up late to a test, losing teeth, etc.

And the same might be said for money dreams. Here are few ideas I’ve collected around the World Wide Web about what they could mean. (Yes, you can take it all with a grain of salt. But do keep an open mind.)

Finding Money

If you dream of finding money, some believe it has to do with rediscovering hidden parts of yourself, or finding a renewed sense of self-worth. It might also be a renewed feeling of gratitude towards something or someone you had previously taken for granted.

Losing Money

Any dream you have in which you lose money will likely make you feel out of control – the exact feeling you’re probably familiar with in your waking life. Is it time for a financial check up and reorganization? Or does some other area of your life need a re-assertion of power?

Winning Money

For many, winning money is the ultimate in being in the flow and having things move in the direction we desire. So some believe this is just an indication that we are attracting the things we want into our life. It might also be the perfect time to take a leap of faith – in your career, relationships, etc.

Giving Money Away

If you are willingly giving money away, this could be a positive indication of how you feel about your current financial state – you know that money is coming to you so you can afford to give it away. If you are witness to someone else giving money away, this might be an indication of something you admire or hope to emulate in the person.

Having Money Taken From You

Having someone take money – or anything else – away from you is a clear stripping away of power. You no longer have the currency necessary to care for yourself, a feeling that may be being mirrored in other areas of your waking life.

Borrowing Money

Are you feeling as if you are lacking resources in your life? Or that you are being spread too thin? Then you may be having a dream about borrowing money from others.

Stealing Money

According to some, if you have a dream about stealing money, it's not a good time in your life to take risks. This may also be an indication that you are desperate for approval from others (this goes back to the idea that for many, money symbolizes power).

According to Laura Quinn Loewenberg, author of “Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life,” money in any dream usually serves as a symbol about how you feel about your own self worth and value. So tapping into how these feelings are playing out in your life might give you the extra information you need to determine what any variation of these dreams might mean.

Also, remember that dream interpretations will vary between different people. Giving away money might conjure up terror in me but make you feel happy and grateful – so my dream about handing out money will undoubtedly mean something different than yours.

Have you ever had any noteworthy money dreams? Share them below!