Top Teacher Apps

August 14, 2013

Juggling all the hats a successful teacher must wear can be tough, but technology is here to help.

Apps for Better Organization:

TeacherKit  - free
Teacher Kit has the ability to keep track of students organized into classes or subjects, create seating charts, create student profiles with individual information (i.e. attendance, grades, contact information), track behavior and notes, act as a gradebook, and import and export files.
Teachers Pay Teachers - free
Teachers Pay Teachers is an extension of the website of the same name that allows teachers to sell and buy lesson plans with the push of a button. They currently have nearly 2 million users with a wide variety of content and resources.
Dropbox - free
Dropbox allows you to keep documents, photos, and videos in one place that can be accessed from any computer. It also allows folders to be shared among various users.
Evernote - free
If you have trouble keeping track of ideas, notes, and to-do lists, Evernote is for you. It even lets you record voice memos and check all saved items from any computer.
Feedly - free
Feedly will organize all of your daily reading (news, blogs, etc.) into one central location with a magazine-like interface. Never go searching for updates again.

 In-Classroom Apps:

ShowMe - free
This highly regarded app allows you to record lectures for students that can then be accessed at home when it comes time to do homework. Or, if you aren’t feeling particularly creative, you can choose from the videos already uploaded by the ShowMe community.
Kindle - free 
You don’t have to have a Kindle to use the app. Simply download the app for free and access your books from your phone or tablet. (Remember you can check out free ebooks from the library or by browsing the free ebook section on Amazon).
Stick Pick - $2.99
Ensuring that every student is participating in classroom discussions can be tough. Stick Pick not only chooses who will answer questions, but it helps track the quality of their response, leading to easier-to-confirm participation grades.
Class DoJo - free
Class DoJo allows teachers to share feedback about students in real time with parents, administrators, and the student themselves. The intent is for progress to be tracked more easily and behavioral issues to be dealt with immediately.
Too Noisy - $1.99
Sick of telling your students to use their “inside voices”? Too Noisy tracks the noise level in your classroom then sets off an alarm once it reaches a certain level.