The Dime Roll: Financial Milestones, Watermelon, Fine Print, and More

July 26, 2013

This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from the change in our society's financial milestones to frugal watermelon recipes. Take a look.

Money Saving Tips:
How Can I Create a Work-Friendly Wardrobe on a Budget? by Melanie Pinola on Lifehacker
Putting together a work wardrobe can be a costly endeavor. This post suggests buying a few basics and learning how to pair them together like a pro.

10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Commute by Gary Foreman on DollarStretcher
The costs of commuting to and from work – especially for those with a lengthy drive – can be high. But there are ways to save money while making the most of your time on the road.

Fresh and Frugal Summer Watermelon Recipes by Frugal Foodie on Mint
There’s nothing that says summer quite like watermelon. Get the most out of this inexpensive fruit by trying out a few of these creative recipes.                                                                                                                          

Money Management:
PNC Offers Videos and Interaction With Financial Advice by Luke Landes on Consumerism Commentary
This post highlights a great collaborative effort to spread some useful financial advice to the masses through videos of personal finance bloggers along with hands-on activities. It’s definitely worth a look.

15 vs. 30 Year Mortgage: In an Infographic by G.E. Miller on 20 Something Finance
If you’re struggling with the decision of whether to opt for a 15 or 30 year mortgage, you might want to take a good look at this infographic. The numbers speak for themselves.

Why Do Personal Budgets Often Fail? by SB on One Cent At a Time
Creating a budget is pretty easy. Sticking to said budget can be a different story entirely. This post gets to the root of why many people find themselves spending outside of what they’ve budgeted for.

Food For Thought:
How Financial Milestones Have Changed Over the Years by Richard Barrington on Five Cent Nickel
There’s no doubt that recent generations haven’t been able to reach the same financial milestones at the same life stages as generations past. But another change is what we actual consider to be a financial milestone.

Do You Read the Fine Print? by April Dykman on Get Rich Slowly
How important is it to read the fine print when you’re presented with a contract? It might be a lot of work, but it could save you a significant amount of money and trouble down the road (as the man in this post figured out).

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