The Dime Roll: Wealthiest 1%, Price Tag Tricks, Overspending, and More

July 19, 2013

This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from how to save on traveling with kids to how to curb overspending. Check it out.

Money Saving Tips:
5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Traveling With Kids by Cameron Huddleston on Kiplinger
There’s no question that the larger your family gets, the more expensive it is to travel. Luckily, there are ways to cut the costs of carting little ones with you.

25 Thoughtful and Frugal Personalized Gift Ideas by Kelly Medeiros on Wisebread
With wedding season still in full swing, it can be tough to come up with a budget-friendly gift that actually means something to the recipient. This post offers some great ideas.

Learn the Costco Price Tag Code to Save More Cash by Chris Morran on The Consumerist
Did you know that the price tag you see on Costco goods can tell you a lot about previous or future discounts on that item?

Money Management:
Do You Know Your Rights When it Comes to Debt Collection? by Miranda Marquit on Cash Money Life
Dealing with debt collectors can be incredibly intimidating and stressful. Knowing your rights and the proper course of action if they’re violated is extremely important.

Build Credit by Paying Rent by David E. Weliver on Money Under 30
Establishing credit is an important move for your financial health, but in the past, rental payments didn’t do much to help. New companies are hoping to change that.

Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens: Smart Idea or Financial Fail? by Jacqueline Curtis on Money Crashers
Teaching kids about money management without paying royally for their mistakes can be a hard balance to find. Are prepaid debit cards the answer?

Food For Thought:
Charles Koch: $34,000 Puts You in the Top 1% by Jason Notte on MSN Money
Despite the fact that calculations suggest that it’s nearly impossible to raise a family on $34,000 a year, a new commercial suggests that this figure would put you in the world’s wealthiest 1%. What do you think?

A Simple Trick for Breaking Your Overspending Habit by Len Penzo on Len Penzo dot com
According to experts, we have only a finite amount of willpower. But there are ways to trick ourselves into curbing  certain unhealthy habits – i.e. overspending.

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