The Dime Roll: How to Splurge Without Breaking the Bank and More

June 28, 2013

This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from splurging on a budget to the financial implications of the recent DOMA ruling. Check it out.

Money Saving Tips:
Save More Through Subscription-based Purchasing by Aaron on Three Thrifty Guys
As someone that frequents the store more often than is probably necessary, the idea of making a series of subscription-based purchases is extremely intriguing. And, according to this post, it could help save plenty of money as well.

10 Ways to Save Money at National Parks by Danielle Warchol on Saving Advice
Visiting national parks is an amazing way to spend some quality time in the great outdoors, and, luckily, there are ways to make it even more inexpensive then it (usually) already is. This post has some great cost-cutting ideas.

How to Splurge Without Breaking the Bank by Donna Freedman on MoneyTalksNews
Being frugal and smart about managing your money doesn’t mean there’s no room for splurging once in a while. In fact, for many, that’s what keeps them on track to achieving their money goals without feeling deprived. This post explores how you can do that without overspending.

Money Management:
How to Deal with Debt Collectors by Amanda on ReadyForZero
Dealing with debt collectors can be incredibly nerve wracking – especially when you don’t know your rights or what the legal means of collection are. The author of this post allows you to learn costly lessons from the mistakes she made.

And This is Why I Save… by Grayson on Debt Roundup
The infographic shared in this post concerning the “drought of savings” in America was astounding to me. If you are among the 46% of Americans that have less than $800 in savings, it might be time to reevaluate your financial priorities.

What the DOMA Ruling Means for Same-Sex Couples’ Finances By CNNMoney on Daily Finance
The DOMA ruling is monumental for a number of reasons and the positive financial implications for same-sex couples is huge. This article gives a breakdown of just how much things will change in terms of taxes, health insurance, and death benefits.

Food For Thought:
Want to Get Rich Quickly? Start Looking for Hidden Treasure by Holly Johnson on Get Rich Slowly
Forrest Fenn, an eccentric millionaire, alleges that he has a $2 million fortune buried in the mountains of north Santa Fe. Thousands have looked for the treasure, but no one has found it. Whether it’s real or not, it certainly makes for an interesting story!

How to Balance Work and a Happy Family Life by Michael Lewis on Money Crashers
With traditional roles changing, determining clear cut expectations for each spouse can be tough – thus making work/life balance harder to achieve. This post gives a well-thought out exploration of the issues at hand and how they can be remedied.

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