The Dime Roll: Financial Tips from 5-Year-Olds

June 21, 2013

This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from tips for finding great deals at thrift stores to money lessons we can learn from kids. Check it out.

Money Saving Tips:
How to Get the Best Deals at Thrift Stores by Jeffrey Strain on Saving Advice
There is undoubtedly an art to finding purchase-worthy items at thrift stores. But there are a few ways to ensure that the hunt is more successful – like shopping in certain neighborhoods and knowing the stock day.

6 Ways to Build a Digital Library on the Cheap by Angela Colley on Money Talks News
Did you know that you can get several of the classics for free delivered right to your e-reader? And that’s not the only way that you can save a bundle on ebooks.

 Trick Yourself Into Saving Money With These Seven Sneaky Ways by Hank Coleman on MoneyQ&A
If you’re having trouble socking money away, it can help to trick yourself into making it happen, or utilize certain psychological triggers that trump your desire to spend. This post offers a few unique ideas.

Money Management:
Financial Tips from 5-Year Olds by QuickenLoans on Mint
Who knew that the famous “marshmallow study” conducted over 40 years ago could provide such insight into money management today? This post sums up a few of the most important takeaway tips.

Begin Your Investing Career Right With Some Mutual Fund Basics by Julie Rains on Wisebread
For a huge portion of the population, investing is extremely intimidating. But knowledge creates confidence and confidence can pave the path to becoming a successful investor. This post will help.

Children and Allowance: When to Start and How Much by Melissa on Free From Broke
There is an ongoing debate about kids and allowance, usually centering around if, when, how much, and what for. If you need to gain some perspective on what is common practice for a lot of parents, or what is suggested, read this post.

Food For Thought:
Morning Coffee Just Killed Your Creativity by Jason Notte on MSN Money
So many of us rely on our morning cup of joe to stay focused on the task at hand – but did you know that same caffeinated beverage might be squelching your creativity?

How Much Things Cost According to a 6 Year Old by John on Frugal Rules
The concept of money is often times a hard thing for kids to grasp. This is illustrated beautifully in this infographic about the expectations 6 year olds have when it comes to what they’ll be able to afford and at what age.

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