The Dime Roll: 18 Ways to Be a Savvy Summer Saver and More

June 14, 2013

Money Saving Tips:

4 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs by John Schroeder on Being Frugal
The cost of prescription drugs might seem fixed, but there are a few significant ways that you can lower the out-of-pocket expense – everything from using coupons to transferring your prescription to another lower-cost store.

18 Ways to Be a Savvy Summer Saver by Chelsea Overton on And Then We Saved
You don’t have to sit around twiddling your thumbs this summer in order to save money. Instead, try cutting costs in a few of these relatively painless ways.

Why Cellphone Insurance Is Not Worth the Cost by Len Penzo on Money Talks News
When a sales associate pitches cellphone insurance, it might sound like a small monthly expenditure could offer a major savings if something were to happen with your phone. But is that really the case? The truth is, the numbers say otherwise.

Money Management:
Should You Borrow Money from Your Retirement Plan? by Gary Foreman on The Dollar Stretcher
Retirement loans have been mentioned quite a bit in the news lately, but how much does such a move affect your overall financial picture? This post offers a well-thought out, mathematically-backed answer to one reader’s specific situation.

An Impassioned Plea for Understanding Compound Interest on Broke Millennial
When the financial community stresses the importance of saving for retirement early on, 20-somethings don’t always understand logically why this is (aside from the fact that you have more time). What needs to be explained (and is in this particular post) is the power of compound interest.

Are your Budget Assumptions Throwing Off Your Family Finances? by Hank Coleman on MoneyQ&A
You know the set amount that you pay for your shelter and car payment every month, but what about gas? Going out to eat? These variable costs can make or break a budget, so it’s essential to get a firm grasp on how much they actually come out to be – instead of making assumptions.

Food For Thought:
The Assets You Have That Don’t Fit On Your Balance Sheet by Trent on The Simple Dollar
Your net worth may provide a clear picture of your financial health, but there are plenty of important aspects of your life that it doesn’t show – things that are equally as important to your quality of life.

Happily Squished: Learning to Live in 270 Sq. Ft. by Cat on Budgets are Sexy
Sometimes the easiest way to find contentment in your current financial situation – or contentment with life in general – is to learn how to live, and appreciate living with less. This writer’s current living situation really sheds light on that sentiment.

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