The Dime Roll: How to Increase Willpower and Stay on Track Financially and More

May 31, 2013

This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from how to be financially fit at age 30 to tips for proper food storage. Check it out.

Money Saving Tips:
How Stores’ Price-Match Policies Compare by Cameron Huddleston on Kiplinger
If a store offers price matching, it can certainly save a bundle. But not all price matching is created equal. This post highlights which stores are awesome at accepting competitor’s prices and which stores aren’t quite as accommodating.

 How to Properly Store Meat, Dairy, and Produce for Maximum Savings by Frugal Foodie on Mint
Proper storage is essential if you want to avoid tossing food in the trash. This list is incredibly helpful and might be worth printing off to hang in your kitchen.

10 Apps for Saving Money on Groceries by Kevin Mulligan on CashMoneyLife
We’ve all been there – you’re at the grocery store but can’t remember what you need. Or you make it home only to realize you forgot an item you really needed. These apps not only help you organize your shopping trips, but save money in the process.

Money Management:
How to Get Your Financial House in Order by Age 30 by Anne Dolasky on USA Today
Pressure abounds when you’re inching closer to 30. Instead of getting overwhelmed, pay attention to these simple financial benchmarks to ensure you are on the path to success at an early age.

Different Types of Life Insurance Policies – How Much Do You Need? by Michael Lewis on MoneyCrashers
Many people tout the importance of life insurance, but what are the reasons for getting it? And how much and what type should you have? Getting fully educated can ensure that you’re fully covered in a wide variety of situations.

How to Increase Willpower and Stay on Track Financially by Emily Guy Birken on PTMoney
Willpower is a fickle thing – sometimes it seems to be easily at our disposal, and other times it’s nowhere in sight. Understanding why this is and how to harness it can be huge when it comes to controlling the state of your finances.

Food For Thought:
Another Reason to Watch What You Say on Facebook by Caitlin Kenney on Planet Money
Posting pictures of your fancy new ride on Facebook? Credit bureaus may be using that little bit of social sharing to help determine your credit worthiness or even to determine if you are defrauding the government into giving you benefits you aren’t eligible for.

Mom Brings Home More Bacon in Nearly 1 in 4 Homes by Amy Langfield on NBCNews
New studies show that women are the main breadwinners in 40% of US households, signaling huge societal shifts and countless debates over the pros and cons of this new trend.

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