The Dime Roll: 40 Most Unusual Economic Indicators and More

February 22, 2013

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This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from inexpensive birthday party ideas to marketing tricks. Check it out.

Money Saving Tips:
13 Tips to Make Your Groceries Last Longer by Angela Colley on Money Talks News
Did you know that the average American wastes approximately 20 pounds of food each month? That’s money going straight down the drain. Find out how you can cut back on the waste and keep foods fresher, longer.

6 Things Not Worth the Money on Reader’s Digest
Before you shell out money for those little extras you’re convinced you need, check this list. You might just be paying for something that isn’t worth anything in the long run.

Bringing Birthday Parties Back Home by Tenille Lafontaine on Feisty Frugal & Fabulous
If you've ever planned a child’s birthday party at some off-site location, you know the astronomical amount it can end up costing. Instead of looting the piggy bank, try these creative and inexpensive at-home birthday party ideas.

Money Management:
The Myers-Briggs Personality Test & Your Money by Miranda Marquit on Bargaineering
The Myers-Briggs test usually provides a pretty accurate picture of the test-takers personality. So what happens when you apply these ideas to personal finance? You can better understand how you manage money.

8 Excuses You Can’t Use to Avoid Saving for Retirement by Vanessa Richardson on Mint
Think you don’t make enough money or have too much debt to consider saving for retirement a priority? Think again. This post dispels all these myths and offers a different way of thinking about things.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs an Emergency Fund by Danielle Warchol on SavingAdvice
Still not convinced that an emergency fund is all that necessary to your financial health? Here are ten situations where having an emergency fund could keep you from financial ruin.

Food for Thought:
The 40 Most Unusual Economic Indicators on DailyFinance
Apparently’s site traffic, the number of bike fatalities, and the amount of babies with diaper rash are all economic indicators. Find out what else shows the type of financial climate we may be weathering.

10 Surprising Marketing Tricks You Should Be Aware Of by Paul Michael on Wisebread
We all know that marketing serves the sole purpose of getting consumers to purchase certain items. But what if the marketing tactics employed lead to false beliefs about an item? Find out which companies are guilty of this underhanded deceit.

5 Offbeat Personal Finance Books Amazon Readers Love by Casey Bond on GoBankingRates
Looking for some unique money saving tips or investing advice? These 5 books cover a wide variety of personal finance topics in a way that won’t put you directly to sleep.

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