There's an App for That: Savvy Shopping

February 18, 2013

Looking for a better way to shop? Look no further - we've brought you the best apps for making shopping a breeze.

Before you buy something only to see the price drop drastically later on, or spot a killer deal at another store after you’ve already made your purchase, check out these apps. They’ll put your money to good use (and yes, they are free.)

For Price Comparison

Shop Savvy 

Listed in Time’s 50 Best iPhone Apps 2012, Shop Savvy covers all your bases when it comes to finding the best deals – online and in nearby stores.


  • Look up an item by scanning a barcode or typing in a keyword
  • Price search over both North American and European retailers
  • Quick snapshot of prices online vs. local stores
  • Purchase an item online from the app, or save it to buy later
  • Find promos, coupons, rebates and sale information

Cons:  Reviews suggest that price comparison for local stores is limited and the barcode scanner is slow in low lighting.

Red Laser 

Perhaps the best known of the price comparison apps, Red Laser offers ample information to help you to make the best purchasing decisions including merchant information and reviews.


  • Scan all types of major retailer barcodes
  • Search millions of products and thousands of local and online retailers
  • Gather information on products related to what you are searching for
  • Read merchant information, reviews and nutritional information
  • Create shopping and wish lists to be stored or sent to friends and family

Cons:  Reviews suggest that load time for products isn’t always quick and sometimes prices aren’t available.

For Organization

Google Wallet

With all the added shopping convenience offered by this app – literally almost making your physical wallet obsolete – iPhone users might actually be missing out.


  • Securely store all of your debit and credit cards on your phone
  • Scan your phone at an NFC terminal in the store to pay
  • Use your Google Wallet to make easy transactions online
  • Carry Google offers with you and redeem them in participating stores
  • Ability to remotely disable your Google Wallet if you lose your phone

Cons:  Reviews state that this app isn’t available for all Android phones and transactions can only be made in stores that have the Pay Pass system.

Shop Advisor 

A different type of organizational app, Shop Advisor makes price tracking and wish-list shopping a cinch.


  • Import items to your wish list using a barcode scan or voice input
  • Receive alerts anytime a product drops substantially in price
  • Input your desired price so ShopAdvisor knows when you should be alerted
  • Check the 6-12 month price history of a product
  • Read manuals and buyers guides on millions of products

Cons:  Reviews suggest that local pricing information is limited.

For Price Prediction


Knowing when to buy can be quite a challenge – especially when you can’t be on the lookout for deals and product updates all the time. That’s where Decide comes in.


  • Determine what to buy based on product recommendations and “Decide Scores”
  • Decide when to buy based on price predictions
  • Receive a price guarantee for up to two weeks if you follow the recommendation and the price drops
  • Find out when new product models are going to be released
  • Set price alerts so you know when a product is within your budget

Cons:  While the app is technically free, you must purchase a membership to use the more advanced features.

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