The Dime Roll: Simple Steps to Reduce Food Waste and More

February 15, 2013

Photo by Alan Cleaver, via Flickr

This week we scoured the web and found a treasure trove of great blog posts covering everything from Costco memberships to babysitting co-ops. Check it out.

Money Saving Tips:

How to Start a Babysitting Co-op or Exchange by Jacqueline Curtis on MoneyCrashers
The cost of a night out can be staggering when you have to factor in childcare – let alone the pain associated with finding a babysitter in the first place. That’s precisely why the idea of a babysitting co-op or exchange is so brilliant. Find out how you can make it work for you.

Is a Costco Membership Worth It? A Field Trip on Buying in Bulk by Suba Iyer on WealthInformatics
If you've ever considered buying a Costco membership, or if you've wondered whether the one you already have is worth the expense, this well-researched article is definitely worth a read. It sure beats spending hours comparison shopping yourself.

Busting Cheap Airfare Myths by MoneyTalksNews on Mint
Which day is best to buy plane tickets? How early should you start booking a trip? This article tackles those common questions while dispelling a few travel-related myths as well.

Money Management:

Simple Steps You Can Take to Reduce Food Waste by Deb Lee on Unclutterer.
Did you know that a whopping 40% of food in America goes to waste? Not only is that bad for landfills, but it’s bad for your wallet. Find out how you can stay on top of what’s in your fridge and cut back on shopping expenses.

How Retailers Manipulate You Into Spending by Emily Guy Birken on Wisebread
Think you are fully in control when it comes to your shopping habits? Think again. Merchants both online and in malls employ certain tactics to get you to spend, and the only way you can combat them is to be aware of what they are.

Saving $20K as a 20 Something by Alyssa Kagel on DollarStretcher
When you’re first starting out after college, it can be easy to spend every last dime of your likely tight budget. But this financially savvy 20 something explains how she’s managed to put away $30K just two years after landing her first post-graduation job.

Food for Thought: 

How People Just Like You Planned Their Way to a Rich Retirement by Selena Maranjian on DailyFinance
Think it’s possible to save $250,000 making no more than $9,000 a year? One woman managed to do it – without investing in stocks. Check out these other inspirational, money-saving stories and you might just rethink your current financial situation.

Funny Money: How to Deal with mechanics When You Know Nothing About Cars by Phil Villarreal on MoneyUnder30
This hilarious post sheds some light on an all-too-common struggle -- knowing when your mechanic might just be taking advantage of your lack of car repair knowledge to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash.

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