The Dime Roll: Family Fed on $100 a Month, and More

January 25, 2013

Looking to brush up on what's happening in the world of personal finance? Then check out all the great content we found on other blogs this week.

Money Saving Tips: 

Family Fed on $100 a Month by Karen Datko on MSN Money
Could you feed a family of four for $100 a month? It might sound impossible, but one woman has managed to do it -- without relying on inexpensive processed food.

Save Money Eating Out By Reverse Engineering Restaurant Menu Psychology by Suba Iyer on Wealth Informatics
There's a psychology behind what you order at restaurants -- get to the root of it and you might just save yourself a significant amount of money in the long run.

 10 Extreme Couponing Tips for the Casual Consumer by Frugal Foodie on Mint
Couponing might sound like a full time job reserved for money saving fanatics, but these tips can make the art of couponing accessible to the most casual of consumers.

Money Management:

What Income Do You Need to Report to the IRS? by Miranda Marquit on Moolanomy
There's plenty of myths out there about what you're required to report to the IRS. This blog breaks it down so you can avoid the wrist slap later on.

Overspending in America - The Sad Truth by Grayson on Debt Roundup
If you ever doubted that Americans have a spending problem, the infographic in this post will certainly convince you. It's worth a look.

Food for Thought:

Think Online Retailers Charge Everyone the Same? Think Again by M. Joy Hayes on Daily Finance
Not all retailers are offering a one-size-fits-all price on their products, and they are using data mined from your computer to decide how much to charge you. Sounds crazy, right?

8 Money Lies That Damage Your Finances and Hurt Your Marriage by Jacqueline Curtis on Money Crashers
Marriages crumble under the pressure of money issues everyday -- curb the problems before they start by becoming aware of these common money lies.

A Simple Strategy to Get Out of Debt for Good by Carrie Smith on PTMoney
For many people, repairing debt problems goes deeper than dollars and cents. Find out how one woman was able to hold herself accountable by sharing her financial goals with friends and family.

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