Receipt Surveys: Does Anyone Actually Win?

December 31, 2013

If you’ve shopped or dined at any popular establishment recently, you might have noticed a request to take to survey on your receipt. I always ignored these surveys until one day I heard on the radio that someone actually won one of the mysterious sweepstakes offered as an incentive for feedback. So I thought I would try to take every survey I received to see if it pays off in the end, or turns out instead to be a big inconvenience.

Here are the surveys I’ve taken within the past five weeks:

Store/Restaurant Prize Number of Winners
Babies R' Us $500 gift card 5 winners per month
Bath & Body Works Coupon for $10 off a future purchase of $30 or more All responders receive coupon
Chili’s $1,000 sweepstakes Daily winners
Cracker Barrel $100 gift card or Cracker Barrel rocking chair 6 winners per year
Home Depot (receipt) $5,000 gift card 1 winner
Home Depot (submit a product review online with photo) $1,000 gift card 1 winner
Lowe's $1,000 gift card 4 winners per year
Red Lobster $1,000 sweepstakes 1 grand prize winner and 6 winners of $50
Old Chicago Coupon for free appetizer All responders receive coupon
Old Navy Coupon for 20% off your next purchase All responders receive coupon
Panera Bread $2,000 sweepstakes 1 winner
Safeway $100 gift card 4 winners per month
Target Instant $25 gift card or $1,000 sweepstakes Instant: 6 winners per state, per month. Sweepstakes: 1 winner per month
Toys R' Us (write an online product review) $250 gift card 5 winners per month
Walgreens $3,000 sweepstakes 1 winner per month
Wendy’s Coupon for $2 off a full-size sandwich or salad All responders receive coupon

Each survey took about five minutes, on average, to complete. The places that offer a coupon are absolutely worth the time, and I wish more places would offer a coupon rather than a prize.

So far, I haven’t won any gift cards or sweepstakes (surprise, surprise!). The odds are certainly stacked against you, and I worry that by filling out a survey, all I really did was sign up for endless amounts of spam.  In the future, I’ll probably forego taking these surveys unless I receive exceptionally great or terrible service.

Interesting Fact

Canadians have to take a test in order to claim a prize if they win one of these sweepstakes.

Excerpt from one survey company’s rules and regulations:

If any winner is a resident of Canada, the winning entrant will be required to first correctly answer a mathematical skill testing question without assistance of any kind (whether mechanical or otherwise) within a 2-minute time limit in order to be eligible to win prize. The question will be administered by phone within ten (10) business days following the drawing.

Have you every won anything as a result of taking one of these surveys? We'd love to hear about it!